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"ALF allows us to distinguish the key people that we need to be speaking to, speeding up the overall time it takes to win new business and follow our key clients."

Sam Eads, First News

"ALF allows us to not only find new clients, but provides the resources required to raise brand awareness in a way that saves time and money, allowing us to continue to serve our current customers."

Alex Jordan, Image Source

"Over the past twenty years ALF has never been far from my desk, for anyone selling advertising space ALF is like gold dust."

Ian Dowds, Vice President UK, Specific Media

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"BRAD is like the bible! If it's not in BRAD then it's generally not worth considering using. If they stopped publishing BRAD I would not know where to start!"

Carrie Webster, Mindshare

"BRAD's simple interface and even easier list-building and storing capability has actually changed the way we do things from slow and laborious to quick and genuinely fast-reacting."

Simon Evans, Lubetech

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